This is me.

Noemi Verolla. 

My passion? Taking photos! My Profession? 

Reveal your most natural side.

I love to laugh and to enjoy every Moment. This is what I can capture. 


I love

To travel and see every little side of the world. The Culture, the nature and of course the taste of awesom food!

What kind of photographer am I?

That's the hardest part. How do you decide? Product, food, fashion photography I have been in all areas. I liked it. Until I was allowed to experience what I love! Thanks to a great photographer, I was able to attend my first big wedding and photograph their moments. I knew it. That's it! I love love. I love to see people happy and full of Love - 

And from there, I knew: 

I'm a wedding photographer!

So this is me

I Hope you know now how important your Moments are for me! 

If you think I can be part of your perfect day. I will be your next photographer! 


Write me a message: noemiverollaaa@gmail.com!

it was nice to chat with you :)